How to find scholarship opportunities:

Beekmantown High School Counseling Office
  • Many local scholarships are advertised and distributed through the counseling office
  • We also advertise national and state scholarship opportunities when we are provided official notification.
  • Below is a list of scholarships that are currently available
Search the web
  • Here are some great websites to look for scholarships…please note these are national scholarship so you will be competing with others throughout the country, but you never know
    • Add your course grades, clubs, sports, volunteer activities, and more to your portfolio.  For each achievement, you’ll get scholarships from different colleges, which you can redeem when you attend that college.  Learn about and follow different colleges from across the country to find schools that are the best fit for you.

Employers or clubs and organizations 

  • Some companies or organizations offer scholarships for employees and/or their dependents
  • Credit Unions, banks and other financial organizations sometimes offer scholarships to its members or members dependents
  • Clubs and organizations…are you or your parents members of an organization (Elk’s Club, Lions Club, 4-H, etc.)? 
  • Contact them and ask about potential scholarship opportunities

Steps for Applying to Scholarships

  1. Locate scholarship opportunities
  2. Review criteria to determine if you qualify
  3. Take note of the deadline - Does it say “receive by” or “post-marked by”?
  4. Complete application - include all required supplemental and supporting material (Ex: letters of recommendation, essay, SAT/ACT scores, class rank, etc.).  If a transcript is required, please request an official copy from the High School Counseling Office prior to the deadline of the scholarship. 
  5. Please be thorough when reviewing your application to ensure it is accurate and complete
  6. Deliver or mail application package to the sponsoring organization on or before the deadline.  Please note: students are responsible for delivering or mailing all portions of their scholarship applications to the respective organizations.  Only drop off completed applications to the counseling office if it specifically says to do so. 
  7. Notify the school counseling office of any scholarships you have been awarded.  Please turn in a copy of the official award letter.  This information will be used to recognize students at the Scholarship/Awards Night.
Class of 2020 Scholarships.... updated May 2020


All scholarship opportunities can be found on the newly created Scholarship Warehouse Google Classroom

With this Classroom students can search for scholarship opportunities and submit them using an online format (each one is unique so please read the instruction for each scholarship)

Here is the join code for the Scholarship Warehouse Google Classroom:


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