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School and Community Services

Individual Counseling with your School Counselor: Whether you are struggling in course work, or you need someone to talk to about things going on outside of school, your school counselor is someone who can help. Know that you can come to your school counselor as they are all trained to address academic as well as personal needs.

Behavioral Health Services North (BHSN) : BHSN is a community program designed to offer counseling services to the Plattsburgh area. You can contact BHSN if you need to see a counselor. You will want to consult with your parents and possibly even your school counselor before making an appointment. Address: 22 US Oval, Suite 218, Plattsburgh NY 12901Phone Number: (518)563-8000

Clinton County Mental Health : Clinton County Mental Health is another local office that offers individual counseling to residents of Clinton County. Again, you will want to consult with your parents and/or counselor before making an appointment. Address: 18 Ampersand Dr. Plattsburgh, NY 12901 Phone Number: (518)565-4060

Catholic Charities : Catholic Charities is a local agency that offers group work for community members. Currently they are running an anger management group for teens. They do offer other groups and services for community members as well. If you are interested in learning more about the services you can speak with your school counselor and/or your parents. Address: 4914 S Catherine St. Plattsburgh, NY 12901 Phone Number: (518) 561-0470

Planned Parenthood: We offer students education about safe sex during the course of the school year. Often a representative from Planned Parenthood comes in to speak with the class about topics surrounding safe sex. This program is abstinence-based, but offers diverse information about a variety of topics related the sex education. Please contact Planned Parenthood for more information. Address: 66 Brinkerhoff St., Plattsburgh NY 12901 Phone     number: (518) 561-0605

Champlain Valley Family Center (CVFC) CVFC is a community based program designed to offer substance abuse assessment and treatment. This agency does work with area youth and offers flexible hours. Address: 20 Ampersand Dr. Plattsburgh, NY 12901 Phone number: 518-561-8480
*Information gathered from: PHS