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Dual-Enrollment (CAP, Advanced Studies, SUPA)

Dual-enrollment courses are an opportunity for high school students (typically in grades 11 and 12) to earn college credits with partnering colleges. Currently Beekmantown High School has partnerships with Clinton Community College, Paul Smith's College and Syracuse University. 


In order to earn the college credits the following steps must be taken/met by the students:

  1. Select a dual-enrollment class at Beekmantown High School 
  2. Meet any placement requirements (these requirements are set by the participating college)
  3. Register through the college's enrollment forms by the registration deadline (this information will be provided by the classroom teacher and/or school counseling office)
  4. Complete any scholarship applications, if eligible and offered
  5. Pay the tuition bill by the deadline (the cost for each course is different; bills will be mailed to home addresses by the college and payment is due to the college)
  6. At the end of your senior year of high school, contact the dual-enrollment college and request a copy of your transcript be sent to the college/university you will be attending after graduation (this will be the only way to official transfer any credits)



Please see the listings below of our dual-enrollment opportunities...

2021-2022 CAP Courses

2021-2022 Advanced Studies Courses

2021-2022 SUPA Courses