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BHS Principal's Message




I am Matthew S. Bezio the proud Principal of Beekmantown High School.  Beekmantown High School is dedicated to ensuring a personalized educational experience that meets the needs and interests of each student within our Eagle family.  Our Beekmantown High School faculty is committed to inspiring and motivating our students within every aspect of their school day.  Beekmantown High School offers a wide-array of opportunities that help shape and refine our students in becoming quality contributors to community and self.    

We are dedicated to meeting the interest levels of all students by offering high quality educational experiences through both college and career readiness coursework.  Beekmantown High School offers twenty-one college credit bearing courses through our partnerships with Syracuse University, Clinton Community College,  Paul Smith’s College and our extensive College Board Advanced Placement offerings.  We offer thirty-four elective course opportunities that are geared towards sparking the interest of each individual student on our campus.  These opportunities are generated through the content areas of Technology, Computer Science, Business, Agriculture, Music, Fitness, the Arts and the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Our students are also exposed to opportunities to receive Career and Technical Education Endorsements, Snap-On Tool certifications and the Work Readiness Credential daily through our campus offerings!    

The success of each individual student in the Beekmantown Central School District is what drives our mission and vision.  Beekmantown High School continues to strive in creating valuable educational and social-emotional opportunities that are tailored to the overall development and success of our students. We are extremely grateful for the Board of Education, Superintendent Mr. Mannix, our community partners, families and students for creating a positive learning environment here at Beekmantown High School where our students can thrive!


Educationally Yours, 

Principal Bezio
Proud to be a Beekmantown Eagle